BEAUTY | My Top 5 Beauty Buys!

These are my go to products, ones that I always repurchase!

Beauty and makeup essentials

Everyone has them beauty discoveries that you use faithfully and repurchase over and over again. I’m going to talk about these along with a few other new products I have tried and absolutely love! So after I raided my beauty drawers I have narrowed my love list down to 5 things. That was rather, em.. difficult!

Montage Jeunesse Anti-Imperfection Blemish Mud

Unfortunately my skin would be prone to breakouts so I need to make sure that I take my makeup off and cleanse my skin twice a day to help prevent these. Once a week I like to treat myself to a face mask and my favourite one is only 99p from my local chemist! It’s the Montage Jeunesse Anti-Imperfection Blemish Mud and it works wonders for my skin. I open my pores with a hot cloth and I apply this for 10 minutes, it leaves my skin so soft and invigorated. There are so many different types to buy I’m sure there would be one you’d fall in love with! When I am in the city I also like to treat myself to a fresh facemask from Lush!

Simple Light Moisturiser review

Who else hates that tight feeling on your face once you come out of the shower or after you use face wash? Me too! And in my experience, the perfect solution is the Simple Light Moisturiser.  I love all of Simple products (especially when they are on for 3 for 2 in Boots eekkk!) and this is one product that I buy over and over again. It’s so light, hydrating and it soaks in straight away. I feel the benefits of this most when I am on holiday, after a day of sunbathing my face would feel extremely tight. Once I apply this it relieves that feeling straight away. In my opinion it’s one of the best moisturisers of this price range and I’m sure a lot of people would agree.

Rimmel 'Hide the Blemish' concealer

Oh em gee, who wouldn’t have a fab concealer on this list? There’s not one day that goes by when I don’t use the Rimmel 'Hide the Blemish' concealer.I don’t even think I’ve been out of the house without it! I use it on any blemishes on my face and to hide the dark circles under my eyes. What I like about the formula is that it isn’t drying and flaky, I’ve tried many concealers but there are some that just don't last all day. Yet again, Boots 3 for 2 comes to the rescue; I like to stock up on this product and purchase 3 at a time so I know I’ll never be caught out without it. This little Maximum Coverage Concealer brush by bareMinerals brush is also a gem. It's great for blending concealer in those hard to reach areas like around the eyes or nose.

top 3 lipsticks for autumn review

I couldn’t honestly decide which red lipstick was my favourite so I just have to tell you about my top 3! After a good think about it I can say that the fabulous Dior has been pipped at the post by MAC Ruby Woo… It is just the most stunning matte red... the makeup artist at the MAC counter also told me that Ruby Woo has a blue undertone which makes your teeth look whiter, genius! The Dior Addict lipstick in shade ‘Avenue’ is a moisturising sheer red and I need it for casual and toned down makeup days. The RevlonColorstay Ultimate Suede is very impressive for a drugstore brand. I have this one which is ‘Couture’ and I have an orange/red called ‘Designer’; they are both beautiful, I highly recommend them to anyone who likes their drugstore makeup brands. I will definitely be heading to Boots to pick up a darker shade for Autumn.

Roberto Cavalli perfume

Last but not least, every girl needs that perfect perfume right? You know that time when you went into your local perfume shop, tried what felt like 100 different scents and then you put on… ‘the one’ ? This happened me just before Christmas, which resulted in a nice £50 perfume shaped hole in my bank account. I used to wear Dior Addict 2 and I still love Lady Million by Paco Rabanne but this Roberto Cavalli perfume is something else. I can’t even describe the scent, it’s rather heavy but classy and I’d say it’s more for evening wear than day wear. Just go to your local store and smell it! A well deserved spot in my beauty must have collection!

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LIFE | What's in my University Handbag?

A little haul...

What's in my University Handbag?

Well folks it's that time of year again, school, college and university has started or is due to start and your social life is officially OVER! Well, that's true in my case as I'm starting final year within the next week ( I have been out of university for more than a year now due to being on my placement year so I feel like I'm going into P1 again. The very thought of having to sit in 3 hour long lectures and writes notes is enough to give me a headache! Oh the joys. It's about time I got my act together so I went to Asda and B&M for a little university haul to get me kinda of.. motivated for the new year! This post will be about my University handbag and I wrote a post last week entitled Tips for Starting University, be sure to give it a read wether you are a returning student or are a fresher, I hope it'll help you start off on the right foot!

What to take to University

1. Oxford Refill Pad - I'm a little OCD when it comes to writing paper... I HAVE to have Oxford paper. I don't know why apart from the fact that it is super quality! I always have this with me to jot down important notes

What to take to University

2. File Dividers - I haven't actually got a file yet but I like to use file dividers to keep my work separate

3. Poly Pockets - I have that many booklets and sheets to print out throughout the year I must spend a fortune on poly pockets! My sheets always rip in my file so I like to use these to keep everything neat and so I don't loose anything important. Does anyone remember Woolworth's? Their poly pockets were the best, not even the Rock could tear them apart!

What to take to University

4. Stating the obvious here but I have lost count at the amount of people who ask me for a pen in class! I always start off well, nice pencil case with 4 pens, 2 pencils, ruler, rubber, 2 highlighters etc. One week in and I have A pen, SINGULAR. We all have good intentions -right?

What to take to University

5. A Diary - I purchased this quirky little diary in Asda for £2! A diary is always something I carry with me in my university handbag to jot down notes, record exam dates, homework  deadlines etc. My head is like a sieve so I actually can't be without this! I like how this one goes from July 2014 - July 2015, it means I can use it for the entire year instead of having to get a new one in January. 

And those are the 5 things that I purchase at the start of every new year! (excluding the file, woops, I better get one quick!) What's in your School or University handbag? 

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LIFE | Tips for Starting University

Getting sorted for this semester!

tips for starting university

After more than a year of being out of university for my placement I am due to head back within the next month. Whoa has it flown in! 3 years down just one to go. I always start the new semester with nice new shiny pens, an unused notebook and some kind of motivation that only lasts for about 2 days. They key to success is planning and organisation, here are some points to help you get sorted if you are just starting university or heading back after a great summer off!

1. Be prepared, it's not going to be easy. 

I started university thinking that it would be a heck of a lot easier than school. Less homework, less supervision and less hours. There is a great jump between high school and university, within the space of so many months you have to mature and work without being spoon fed! You have to do a lot of independent learning which will be good in the long-term as you will teach yourself the skills of self-motivation and organisation, 2 of of the top skills that employers look for in graduates! 

2. Start as you mean to go on

Like I previously said, we are all guilty of being super motivated the first few weeks then we start to lag and don't know how to get back on track. I have done this a little too much in the past, sitting in lectures on my phone and slouched over the table has been nothing but a waste of time for me! This year I'm going to take more notes and start to pay more attention, it takes nothing more than sheer motivation and willpower to do well. None of us are perfect though, if you miss a class or if your mind wanders mid-lecture then get a copy of the powerpoint and read up on it in your own time. Also, a lot of lecturers record their lessons so find these (if they have them) and listen to them when you are less tired and/or feeling motivated. 

3. Try and organise your time so you don't run out of time!

You will have a number of modules that you need to do work for and it is crucial that you organise your time and are able to go to and from different modules to get work done before deadlines! I found this really difficult, if I had three things to do for three different modules I found it hard to switch off to one to start another. Before you sit down to do work, make a list of what you need to do and tick it off as you go along, that way you will keep on track and only learn what you need to learn that day/night. Also, it definitely helps to go over your notes as you go along instead of sitting down a major cramming session before a class test or exam (speaking from experience!) Make use of the library and study rooms but don't forget to go overboard. Getting stressed won't help you, take a night or two off a week, you'll deserve it. 

4. Don't make yourself unnecessarily out of pocket

In first year I made a real silly mistake, I got my reading list and I purchased every book on it. Number one, some reading lists can be a page long but only one may be essential for the particular course and number 2, you don't even need to BUY the books! If you are on the ball and get to your university library quick you can borrow them all and it'll not cost you a penny (unless you keep them longer than the loan time of course!) If other's have nabbed the books before you see if you can reserve it, that way when the book is returned you will be next on the list to receive it. If that fails then you can find good quality secondhand textbooks from eBay and Amazon. Buy these and resell them once your finished.

5. Fresher's week isn't all it's cracked up to be!

If you are just coming out of school and are planning on heading to university of course you are going to be nervous about the famous Fresher's week! Apart from partying every night with new friends I didn't really see why the first week is made into such a big deal. I went to the fresher's fair where I saw what clubs/societies that they had to offer. This was interesting but apart from that I didn't do much else (I feel kinda boring?) In saying that, I was only in 2 days a week in first year so I probably missed all the banter/excitement/fun times. Oops

6. Don't worry about ANYTHING

When you begin to feel overwhelmed with work just remember that absolutely everyone on your course is in the same boat. In my course we have a lot of group work which works really well when everyone pulls their weight. You can share the workload and have the support of others when the going gets tough. If you have a lot of independent projects and you are feeling stressed then don't be afraid to ask for help. You don't have as much contact with the lecturers in university as you do with teachers in school but that doesn't mean that they won't help you. I e-mail them constantly asking for help, it's not embarrassing, and they will give your work a once over if you send it to them. It's their job after all and it could result in a higher mark! Also, remember there will be advice centres on campus, go there for advice. Talk to your friends, if you are living away, give your family a ring. Do ANYTHING that helps you get through it, it'll be worth it in the end!

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FASHION | Holiday Lookbook #2 - Urban Outfitters Top & Boohoo Maxi Skirt

Urban Outfitters top and Boohoo maxi Skirt
Beautiful pink flowers
Louis Vuitton Speedy 25, Michael Kors watch and Nomination bracelet
beautiful sunset in Lake Garda Italy
Seafood Spaghetti

Hang on 'till I have a moment of awe, look at that SUNSET! I have never seen one as beautiful as this and the little yacht that went past at precisely the right time just made it. there's no sunset like a holiday sunset right? This particular evening I was feeling rather adventurous and when we went to the restaurant I ordered seafood spaghetti... the fork was hardly used, this was definitely finger food! I haven't had a mound this high on my plate ever in my life! It was de-lic-ious! I love trying different kinds of food when I am on holiday, it makes a change from the regular ol' roast beef dinner eh?

I got two nights wear out of this Ruched maxi skirt from Boohoo and that's pretty good for me. I find it hard to recycle my clothes on holidays as I always take too much and don't get to wear everything that I brought in my case! My bestie got me this Eiffel Tower urban Outfitters tee for my birthday a few weeks ago and I love it. Give me anything with a French reference and I'm sold! This was one of my favourite outfits on holiday. I don't like choosing between comfort and fashion, with this little set I could have both!

What I wore:
Top - Urban Outfitters ( I also like this Eiffel Tower Tee)
Necklace - Primark
Watch - Michael Kors 
Bracelet - Nominiation

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FASHION | Holiday Lookbook #1 - BOOHOO Crop Top & Maxi Skirt

 You don't need to spent a lot on your holiday wardrobe. Get the look with!

Boohoo Crop Top and Maxi Skirt
Louis Vuitton Damier Azur
Bardolino, Lake Garda in Italy
Boohoo Crop Top and Maxi Skirt

Oh how I wish I was still sitting along the marina with the sun shining on my face and an 'Alpero Spritz' in hand! Last week I was in Lake Garda, Italy, somewhere I have never been before but had heard many great reviews about it. So here I am, writing this post and giving myself the holiday blues. *sadface* I apologise in advance for the photo-heavy posts to come but Italy and in particular, Lake Garda is just so beautiful, I just have to share it with you!

Holiday time crept up so quickly and before I knew it I was jetting off in less than a week but had NO CLOTHES TO WEAR (doesn't every girl say this when they have a wardrobe practically bursting full of stuff? I think so too) I went straight onto to see what I could find. I came across this cute little crop top and split column maxi skirt. You can't really see from the photo but the skirt had a huge split up the side which I didn't know it had before I ordered it soooooo.. apart from having to pull it down all night long in case I gave some poor Italian an eye-full, I actually quite liked this outfit! To make things better they were both in the sale so I got the two items for £15 with free postage. Thank you Boohoo, you have served me well.

This paisley print crop top is very similar to the one I have and I just ADORE the gold body chain from River Island, now that I've figured out how to put it on without getting all tangled up, I wear it with a lot of outfit, it goes with literally anything. I also like this body harness from River Island  - it's on my wishlist. 

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